Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Muskokan On Lake Joseph located?

Just two hours from Toronto, the Muskokan* is on the south shore of beautiful Lake Joseph, one of the most desirable freshwater lakes in Muskoka cottage country. Its breathtaking 42 acres of forest and waterfront setting are just minutes down the road from the Village of Port Carling, fondly called the “Hub of the Muskoka Lakes” on Muskoka District Road, Highway 118 West. The Muskokan* has that private and remote feel with the convenience of shops, restaurants and services close by.

Distance to Port Carling: 5.4 km – 7 minute drive

What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional ownership is ideal for purchasing luxury vacation real estate. It means you actually own a piece of equity in the property—unlike a timeshare, where you buy the right to use a property. And ownership has many perks.

Fractional ownership is shared ownership, and a common investment structure for premium assets like private jets or yachts because it makes them more affordable. You purchase only what you intend to use, so your exclusive vacation home at The Muskokan Resort on Lake Joseph is yours to enjoy for the time you spend on the property and its range of upscale amenities. The bonus is, you don’t have to worry about the time and costs of maintenance that come with owning a second home. The villas are professionally maintained by a management company.

The Muskokan offers full equity ownership through Muskokan Resort Club Inc. (MRCI), where every member owns shares and MRCI is the registered owner of the title to the entire site. Essentially, with shared ownership, you own an exclusive vacation property in partnership with others who share the cost with you. If the property increases in value, so does the value of your equity. You can sell your property at any time at any price, bequeath it to your heirs, invite guests to use it, or rent it out to friends.

Why Become a Member at the Muskokan Instead of Buying Your Own Cottage?

It’s more affordable and makes sense. When you plan to vacation for five or 10 weeks a year at a four-season cottage, that’s the amount of time you’re actually paying for with shared ownership. No more extra costs for maintenance. You own 1/10 of a share in your villa and a portion of the property amenities, just like the nine other owners of your villa.

Plus, you can enjoy 42 acres of Muskoka forest and natural beauty, the resort Clubhouse, heated grotto pool, and pontoon boat transport to the area’s best golf courses and restaurants in nearby Port Carling. There’s also a dedicated storage space for each owner.

This is luxury resort living at a fraction of the cost of owning a traditional second home in Ontario’s most desirable cottage destination. Simple, flexible and worry-free.

Can I Stay at the Muskokan More Than Five Weeks?

Yes, you can purchase as many five-week intervals as you want. And just like any second home, you can invite your friends and family, and rent it out it to friends as well. Your guests will enjoy all the same privileges. Some of the villas are designated pet-friendly, so those owners are welcome to bring the family pet along, too.

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*The Muskokan on Lake Joseph


3876 Muskoka District Rd. 118 W
Port Carling, ON P0B 1J0